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Any subject. Any content. No barriers.

As an addition to our Women Rock platform, and as a socially responsible business, one of our focuses this year is to break down stigmas and to be more open and honest, so we asked our wonderful team to share stories of times in their lives where they have been ‘Rocked’.

Any subject. Any content. No barriers.

Every month we will post a feature in the hope to reach out to others in similar or challenging situations to let them know that they are not alone, we all have difficulties in our lives and our stories will tell you how we dealt with and overcame them or simply learned to live with them.

We all struggle. We all hurt. You are not alone.

What’s rocked you?

Moving to England with my mum still living in South Africa rocked me! I lived with my Mum, as well as Stepdad and little brother up until I was 18. I then took an opportunity and moved to England when I was 18 years old. Although I do not regret the decision, as a young adult I didn’t take into account the fact that I would be leaving my mother and family on the other side of the world!

How did you deal with it?

I visit my family there when I can. This is also a good reason to travel to sunny South Africa! I also speak to my mum now on a regular basis, even if this is just a phone call whilst I am working home from work.

What did you learn?

When I lived with my Mum growing up I took her for granted. I think back to the pointless squabbles we had as any mum and teenager would and can’t believe it now. Whenever I see my mum now I cherish the time with her, and see her as a best friend and a mum, telling her everything and hiding no secrets!

What advice would you give others in a similar situation?

Don’t take your relationship with your family for granted and stay in touch however possible.

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