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Any subject. Any content. No barriers.

As an addition to our Women Rock platform, and as a socially responsible business, one of our focuses this year is to break down stigmas and to be more open and honest, so we asked our wonderful team to share stories of times in their lives where they have been ‘Rocked’.

Any subject. Any content. No barriers.

Every month we will post a story in the hope to reach out to others in similar or challenging situations to let them know that they are not alone, we all have difficulties in our lives and our stories will tell you how we dealt with and overcame them or simply learned to live with them.

We all struggle. We all hurt. You are not alone.


What’s rocked you?

From the age of about 6 till I was 14 my mum was very poorly with bowel cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. I had 4 older brothers, a dad who was at uni in London 4 days a week and my mum was primarily in hospitals which meant a lot of the time I spent with her growing up was in hospital.

How did you deal with it?

I was lucky enough that my mum was never a quitter! Regardless of her health she always stayed incredibly positive and confident she would get better and get home. This resonated with my brothers and myself massively and at times it was almost like we knew she would get better. I also had two teachers at primary school who were also wonder women for helping me to process emotions, understanding why I used to get so angry and upset and why I could be so disruptive and dealing with this behaviour in a supportive way. My brothers also played a huge role in looking after me when my dad was away, and mum was in hospital which I will always be grateful for!

What did you learn?

It sounds weird but in a way, I learned life isn’t easy. I also learned that life isn’t easy for everyone and that every single person wakes up with their own problems and their own stresses. It taught me to be grateful for all the good things I have in my life and to never focus on the negatives because that will only ever get you down! If you tackle a day by saying I will stop and recognise all the good things that happen to me today and not dwell on the bad things I have no control over, eventually you will find yourself going through every day in the most positive mindset possible. If in life you feel unlucky and hard done by you will spend every day only recognising those things you associate with your luck but if you force positive thoughts the power of the mind will surprise you.

What advice would you give people in similar situations?

I would say the best advice is to exude positivity at every turn and appreciate where you are lucky in life. I was very bad for feeling like all these things were only happening to me and I was completely alone in it all amongst my friends until I met someone who is one of my closest friends to this day. The friend I am talking abouts’ mum was also ill with bowel cancer at the same time as my mum but unfortunately wasn’t so lucky to win her fight. Over the years I have learnt that you are never alone, there is always someone out there who is going through more and you can either feel like the world is against you and be negative in life or you can appreciate all the good around you and believe in better days! If you believe they will come, they will ?


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