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#thislittlegirl grew up in Bristol, loving to sing, perform & make people laugh. Her parents were great, loving her to bits, supporting her in everything she wanted to do and achieve. Her dream was to be a popstar one day & could sing the alphabet before she could speak. She hated school, feeling she was never good at anything, especially the difficult subjects and struggled to pay attention in class. She daydreamed about singing most of the time!

Fast-forward to completing her A-levels, following her passion of singing by starting a course in music, but she didn’t enjoy it and realised that any type of ‘school’ environment just didn’t float her boat so left all that behind & went out into the working world… Now she was really starting to learn about life, firstly working in a preschool, doing 50 hours a week on a low wage, but it taught her about hard work. Little did she know, this was only the beginning of a very exciting path in life. It allowed her to get a spot at a children’s summer camp in California for the summer, then she travelled across America.

She caught the ‘travel bug’, got a one way ticket to Oz all by herself. Now she was all alone in a new country, trying to make friends & earn money to afford hostels and food – she discovered a hidden talent for sales, worked for Hello Fresh, knocking doors all around Sydney and selling it to people. She worked on 100% commission with no stable salary – but she did great, loved it and was able to travel more!

She met incredible people on her travels, who left imprints on her heart and they’re now her friends for life. They went on to travel around South East Asia together! Lots happened whilst travelling, one huge life changing experience where she discovered about her purpose and found faith in God. After this she knew it was time to come home, but she felt complete now and wasn’t searching for herself anymore.

Fast forward 4 years later, she knows the meaning behind it all and that it was part of a plan. If it wasn’t for the preschool, she wouldn’t have gone to America… if it wasn’t for the Summer camp, she wouldn’t have gone to Australia and got the experience that little did she know, was going to help her to excel in a recruitment career.

She bought her first house last year. She’s a Principal Consultant at SR2 | Socially Responsible Recruitment | Certified B Corporation™ & couldn’t be prouder of the person she’s become through her adventures & the people she’s met along the way. She strives to be her best self everyday & wants to help others to know they can achieve the same. She’s learned there’s a reason for everything in life, and that she should always trust the process ❤.


Why am I telling you this?

Because 70% of girls feel more confident about their futures after hearing from women role models. I’m happy to be part of the #thislittlegirlisme campaign for female empowerment initiated by Miriam Gonzalez Durantez of Inspiring Girls International to mark International Day of the Girl 2021.

A voice for diversity in Tech & Engineering ❤️

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