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How to be a STEMinist

Alicia Teagle ? recently featured on Tiffany Dawson‘s ‘How to be a STEMinist’ podcast and it’s golden (we may be slightly biased)!

Alicia ”It was really nice to not speak about myself and more so about the Tech Industry with Tiff. I’ll be honest when I first started my career in Tech Recruitment 7 years ago I was getting my head around how recruitment works, tech in general, I mean imagine C#, Java, Python. I literally didn’t have a clue what people we’re saying to me for weeks. Then I started speaking to people, and when I say people I mean men. I literally didn’t think Women did Tech as a career, for at least a month I didn’t speak to one female and as Tech was never something I really followed, I never saw any Women in the tech teams in my previous companies and I never was given the chance to learn it in School. I genuinely didn’t think it was a thing for women. Then, I spoke to a female developer and everything changed. I knew women we’re in the industry I just needed to find them. I am naturally drawn to Women more than men, I love the relationship you can build, the common interests, openness, honesty and support. Not to say you don’t get that from Men as I have amazing people who give me the same but with Women it’s just different, female empowerment is such an amazing thing and I love it!”

In this podcast, Alicia and Tiff spoke about:

✨ What sparked Alicia’s passion for women in tech⁠
✨ How she finds female role models when there are so few in her industry
✨ Why she started the Women Rock blog⁠
✨ How to identify recruiters and companies that care about women⁠
✨ The biggest mistake she sees female job applicants make⁠
✨ How to find (or create!) your tribe of supportive women in STEM⁠
… plus so much more!⁠

Search for episode 16 of How to be a STEMinist anywhere you listen to podcasts ?

Thanks for having me Tiff! Keep smashing it!

A voice for diversity in tech <3

I: @womenrockbristol

T: @womenrockbrstl

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