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A Subscription Model
For Start-ups & Scale-ups.


As we enter our 3rd year of business we have come to know the pain points of scaling a business at pace (quite well actually!). Not just from personal experience either – Circa 75% of our client base fall into a start-up or scale-up category and we’ve been listening!

We’ve had lots of feedback from our clients on hiring in a competitive market and what impact hiring has on them both from a cashflow, and time perspective and that is where the idea for a subscription-based model stems from.

The traditional recruitment methods remain:

  • Using an agency on a contingency basis
  • Doing it yourself either directly or recruiting an in-house recruitment resource
  • Bolting recruitment onto the HR job description and
    hoping for the best!

We are now presenting a model that we hope will hit the spot and provide an effective alternative solution for your hiring – it’s better commercially, better for the cashflow, it is quicker, more efficient and improves your employer branding and voice in the marketplace (amongst other benefits).

Growing Pains
Take the pain out of growing your tech team.

The way it works – Our new subscription model doesn’t charge per hire; instead you get a fixed price invoice once a month for a 12-month contract period.

We recognise that no 2 clients are the same so each and every subscription service will be bespoke to the client whilst our service and standards remain the same.

What you get:

  • A statement of work with clear deliverables put in place.
  • A fixed account manager embedded into your business who thinks beyond placements.
  • One point of contact aligned to your business that we can fully integrate into your culture and DNA.
  • An on-site presence typically bi-weekly and as and when required throughout the contract to liaise directly with your team to support hiring face-face.
  • Support on recruitment best practice including, spec writing, interview processes, interview training, feedback, recruitment processing, tech community integration, D&I support and guidance, employer branding, marketing and social.
  • Use of the SR2 in-house delivery function doing all the work behind the scenes.
  • Integrated into the Tech Community via SR2 meetups, events and Women Rock.
  • Quarterly service reviews
  • Employer Branding and D&I Bolt-On options.

What we need from you in order to put our proposal together is:

  • Your recruitment plan over the next 12 months
  • Roles you are/will be hiring for
  • Your current time to hire
  • Your current cost per hire
  • Salaries/budget against the roles
  • Commitment for us to liaise directly with decision makers to influence and implement our recruitment delivery plan.

The commercial benefits:

Whilst SR2 scale offers both a financial saving and a consistent cashflow plan, you can also get the talent in when you need it most whilst spreading the cost over the subscription. We are also expecting significant benefits and improvements across time to hire and on-board, brand presence in the marketplace and upskilling of internal teams on hiring done well in 2020.



We charge a fixed fee spread evenly over the duration of the contract payable the 1st of every month.

A 12 month contract with the minimum criteria of 6 hires in 12 months.

We get the need to be fluid and flexible so our quarterly service reviews help capture any changes and we can adjust the subscription cost accordingly.

Simply 6 hires in 12 months.

Yes. We will work through a pricing structure that can integrate technical headcount on a permanent, contract or blended basis. Contract headcount is priced on a fixed margin basis dependant on level across mid-senior-lead levels.

Bolt on options:

Bolt on:
Employer Branding.

The elements and knowledge you need to stand out and be an employer of choice. Effective messaging of your companies employer proposition is important and more people are listening than you realise…

Reduced time to hire  .  Attract the best talent  .  Increased retention

TIER 1 – £2,200+VAT

  • Branded Social Media Content
  • 5 Employee Stories
  • Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Google optimisation
  • Company & Culture handbooks

TIER 2 – £3,900+VAT

  • Tier 1 Package
  • Recruitment Event Collateral
  • Artwork, digital content and templates to create your own content
  • Office and employee photography

Custom Requests

We also provide training on how to assess candidates, on boarding and retention.

Bolt on:
Diversity & Inclusion.

Want to know the number one secret for attracting diverse talent? Equipping your existing staff with the knowledge they need to build their dream careers!

Tiffany Dawson Coaching gives women in tech the vision and confidence they need to create wildly fulfilling careers without compromising their family or social lives.


Our culture and society has taught women to play small and remain ‘safe’. This 14-week series is for businesses that are serious about getting existing female talent to unleash their
true potential.

The programme consists of:

Managers Unite: Workshop content overview and Q&A
Workshop 1: Confidence vs. Courage
Workshop 2: Unleash your Best Self
Workshop 3: How to Excel
Celebrate Success: Sharing stories of a successful programme