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“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” – An interview with Gina Fielding

This is one of my favourite success stories in recruitment so far! Gina was one of the first candidates I placed at SR2 and we have kept in touch ever since, and regularly attend the test meet ups together… when we can! She hasn’t been working in tech for long but is already making movements in her current company and is on her way to becoming a successful Business Analyst. Gina has really impressed everyone at her current company and isn’t stopping anytime soon, I mean look at that quote! 🙂

Anyway, enough from me – read for yourself just what she’s been up to…

So, Gina you started your journey at Simitive 3 months ago now – how would you say that journey has been so far?

Interesting! I have learnt lots of new skills. My career is now taking a new direction and Simitive are supporting this.

You’ve always been creative and have an artistic side, do you think that helps within your technical role?

Software testing requires analytical skills and attention to detail but it helps to be inquisitive, to think outside the box and to have the courage to make suggestions. I would class this as creative thinking.

So, you’ve been Testing for a few years and now being a Business Analyst is on the cards – what particularly interests you on that side of things?

Business Analysis is a good next step from Software Testing. It requires similar analytical skill but there is far more emphasis on the wider organisation processes and the ability to model those. I am interested in this as it offers more opportunities for creativity, working with people and considering how organisations might change using technology. In the longer run it opens up more career opportunities.

So, that brings me onto what the future looks like for you – where do you see yourself in 12 months?

So in 12 months time I see myself as a qualified Business Analyst working on practical projects within the Business Analysis team at Simitive.

What 3 attitudes do you think are vital for a tech team to be successful? And why?

1. A tech team is the most self-confident if it is self-organising and trusted by management to achieve the required goals.

2. A tech team needs to be flexible and adaptable to meet both internal and external change.

3. A tech team needs to regularly reflect on what they did well and how they can do better. Everyone should be encouraged to think about improving processes.

Why do you think there’s a lack of female talent in the tech industry?

I would say the three main causes are problems with gender stereotyping (e.g. boys are better at technology), the programming ‘nerd’ culture which can appear male, and a lack of female role models.

What advice would you give woman thinking about getting into the industry?

I think women can get in even without a strong background in technology – we all have transferable skills. They should believe they are capable and have confidence that there are career opportunities. Don’t see it as just tech, there are a whole variety of jobs.

I got into the tech industry because I developed an interest in filmmaking, so I gained skills in camera operating and video editing software. I also learnt to work in teams and organise projects so moving into a software development team was not a difficult move.

What’s your favourite quote?

I like Maya Angelou, so I will pick one of her quotes… “If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”

Who’s your squad?

1. My mum as she was a great role model for me. She also worked in technology and has always encouraged me to go for the things I wanted.
2. My friend Saffy for her loveliness and courage.
3. My dog Hattie because she’s always excited to see me.

Thank you Gina, you story is great and I cannot wait to follow you in your career. You rock!


A voice of diversity in tech.

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