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”When you’re not part of a minority group but represent them, it’s powerful.”

“Language is really really important…recognise looking at the group – do I need to be here? Can we empower someone else?” – Zoe Gould 

”If there’s a rejection to D&I, don’t react, listen and ask questions…have a conversation” – Tiffany Dawson

”When you’re not part of a minority group but represent them, it’s powerful.” – V Bhatla

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of a brilliant panel discussing Diversity and Inclusion. We discussed why what you do now as an individual/leader or company is so important also the common pitfalls organisations face in these challenging times, best practices and forming strategies plus much more. It was a brilliant event with fantastic audience engagement ran by Maz and LIT Online

We could of talked for hours and I think we all forgot we were part of the panel as we were so interested by the conversations happening. We had a lot of questions and also felt like there is so much more to talk about so LIT online is organising a Pt 2, same subject and panellists coming soon.

I wanted to share some of the questions asked as they we’re some great ones and hopefully we answered them well, you can hear our thoughts and advice in the recording.

”Have you got any advice for people having issues with getting leadership to listen to you when you’re not representing a minority group?”

”Is it not better to have someone other than the hiring manager as D&I manager/officer so that we have more than 1 person looking at it and also multiple people in senior positions looking at it from difference perspectives?”

”Do we think that lockdown is draw back to diversity as those groups on the margins are not usually vocals about their needs and are not in the ‘boy’s club’

”With current events, is it still okay to say ‘we just do diversity and inclusion’ without anything in place?”

”Do you have any advice for engaging people who might not be interested? I’ve been a D&I representative for a committee before and struggled to get people to show up to training or events?”

As promised we have put together some of our favourite links and info we have all found to be really useful to even expanding our knowledge which we’d love to share.

From Alicia:

I love this talk with Clare Muscutt and Lara Felix who is a true queen, inspiration and female entrepreneur. The ladies talk about BLM, the reality of UK racism, valuing difference, using our voices, supporting each other, our hopes for change, what we can to make a difference ….

Remember to be the change you want to see.. don’t just talk about it’


Why diversity and representation matter in the tech industry –

As if we didn’t know: Covid-19 reconfirms that women make great leaders

From Zoe: (a blog i wrote a few years ago about Equity and dv ersity) (good info on being an ally)

(some pieces on neurodiversity at work)

From Tiff:

Alicia and my article about the same topic:

My article on how to promote gender equality (to people who don’t support it):

The Gender Diversity Report 2020 for UK STEM Busniess Leaders:


If you missed the event and would like to listen, you can watch it here 

We’ll see you soon, please feel free to reach out to any of us on LinkedIn if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, keep positive x

An interview by Alicia Teagle

A voice for diversity in tech <3

I: @womenrockbristol

T: @womenrockbrstl

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